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Help! I Hate Cold Outreach!

I Hate Cold Outreach

Do you have a strong discomfort with cold outreach? 

Or much worse…do you avoid the phone as a prospecting tool altogether? 

I’ve got six strategies to warm up any cold call and help you get over this big obstacle to prospecting. 

**This blog is part of the 15 Reasons Holding Salespeople Back series**

1. If you have the ability to help someone, it’s your responsibility to reach out to them. 

This is a home run play if you have the ability to help someone. 

If I had a problem and you could help me with it, I would want you to talk to me. If you didn’t, I’d be upset if I found out later that you could have helped me. 

When we can help someone, we owe it to them to reach out. 

2. You don’t know until you have a conversation. 

Why are you getting all wigged out about it? 

You don’t know anything until you have a conversation with them. Don’t just sit there in your uncomfortableness. Take a small step, start with a conversation. 

3. It’s only a conversation. 

We’re not creating world peace, or a perpetual motion machine, nor are we solving world hunger. This is just a conversation. 

The prospect could blow me off, but it’s okay. In fact, I may call and only leave a voicemail. But you can’t close the sale if you never have a conversation.

4. What’s the worst that can happen to you? 

The person gets upset, the person hangs up. Does that do anything to you? No.  I still have two arms and two legs. I’ve yet to see a salesperson loses an arm or a leg, get stabbed, or get shot while cold calling. 

What’s the worst that can happen to you? They reject you. It’s okay. Hey, we’ve all been rejected 10,000 times in life. 

You know, if you look at great athletes, it’s amazing how many times they missed the goal, the throw, or the catch. And yet they’re still deemed a great athlete. Michael Jordan, without a doubt, the greatest basketball player ever to play the game, missed more last second shots than he made. And he’s not known for that. He’s known for winning games. 

5. Do they line up with your ICP?

I talk about this a lot—your ideal customer profile. You see, it may be cold outreach, but if the prospect lines up with my ICP, and I’ve helped other people like you, I owe it to you to reach out. 

Set yourself up for success by targeting prospects in your ICP.

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6. What else have you been uncomfortable doing at first? 

There have been plenty of things in my life, for example when my kids began riding a bike, they were very uncomfortable—but they got over it. I’ll never forget, my son was a little bit afraid of climbing too high up on the monkey bars. But then he came to love it. Climbing up in a tree, same thing. 

You see, there are a lot of things that we’re uncomfortable with at first, but once we get into it, we suddenly begin to enjoy it. Then you find out it’s pretty great.

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