Author: Bruce Turkel


Why Do You Blog?

Click HERE to watch video. Why Do You Blog? This blog was born in June 2007. Since then, it has come out every single week without fail. Because the posts should be timely and relevant, they’re generally not written too far in advance. Unfortunately, that sometimes means scrambling to finish […]


Graceful Degradation.

Click HERE to watch video. Graceful Degradation. The late comedian Mitch Hedberg joked about how an escalator cannot break; it simply becomes stairs. In engineering, this evolution is called graceful degradation. Web developers constantly strive to create better, faster, and more accessible websites. Graceful degradation is essential here because it […]


Just do it already!!

Click HERE to watch video. Let’s just do it already. “What are we waiting for? Let’s just do it already.” I said. We were sitting in an agency creative meeting exactly 21 years ago and one of our art directors had just come up with a brilliant solution for our […]