Author: ThomSinger


Don’t Be Full of Shi*t

Welcome back to “Making Waves at C-Level”.  The podcast has been on hiatus for much of the last 6 months…but now we are back. As I often teach…. we have to try new things. Thus for a while, I am stepping away from interviews, and doing short episodes with ideas […]


ChatGPT as Your Sales Coach

ChatGPT as Your Sales Coach is a real idea for sales professionals. I have written about how many in the speaking industry waste a lot of money on “coaches” to help them grow their speaking business, as most give basic advice. Well now AI can do that for free. Maybe […]


Hire a Speaker Coach? Yes or No?

Looking to hire a speaker coach? Speaker coaches have popped up everywhere.  Speaker coaching is a BIG BUSINESS. In this blog post I am referring to coaches and courses who promise to help you build a speaking business, not coaches who help you with your presentation skills.  These are two […]