Ed Rigsbee

Ed Rigsbee, (CSP) Certified Speaking Professional, (CAE) Certified Association Executive, is the ROI Guy. He is obsessed with helping individuals and organizations to both receive and give more return on investment (ROI) in everything that they do. He will help your organization to elevate your business relationships from ordinary to extraordinary; in service, results and profitability. Ed is the originator of the “Member ROI Valuation Process” and term, “Member ROI-Centric Organization.”
Ed is the President of Rigsbee Enterprises, Inc., established in 1981. He is recognized internationally for his expertise in the areas of non-profit organization member recruitment/retention and strategic alliance development/implementation. He has authored the following books:
The ROI of Membership-Today’s Missing Link for Explosive Growth
The Art of Partnering
Developing Strategic Alliances
PartnerShift-How to Profit from the Partnering Trend
Kids, Parents & Soccer