Feeling Stuck Is Normal

In a conversation with a friend who is feeling stuck and overwhelmed, we talked about how people can get out of a rut and get engaged in their work to go forward and produce their best work.

We too often do not realize how many people around us are struggling. There is a lot of disconnection and mental health issues happing in today’s world, but few people show all the signs of being stuck and not able to get things done to their abilities. It is common to feel stuck in our complex society, and when we feel this way, we feel we are the only ones.

If someone wants to change their situation and move forward, here are a few tips:

1. Acknowledge Feelings: Seeking inspiration when feeling stuck, alone, or overwhelmed is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. In such moments, it’s essential to acknowledge these feelings without judgment. These feelings are normal and more common than you assume.

2. Finding Inspiration Within: Begin by looking inward: sometimes, revisiting past achievements can serve as a reminder of one’s capabilities and reignite the fire within. You have wins in the past that you are not remembering when you are in a stage of feeling stuck. Recall your best times and remind yourself you can do that again.

3. Discover Simple Sources of Inspiration: Remember, inspiration doesn’t always come from grand gestures; it can be found in the simplest things. Nature, for instance, with its changing seasons, is a constant reminder of life’s ebb and flow. I find a hike or sitting by a river for 30 minutes can bring peace of mind and get me going again.

4. Review Art and Stories: Reading stories of others who’ve faced similar challenges can provide a roadmap out of our current state. The world is also brimming with art, music, and literature that has emerged from solitude and struggle, which can be a source of solace and motivation.

5. Reaching Out To Others: Most importantly, while it may feel like you’re alone, countless others have felt the same way and have found a path forward. Reaching out for support, whether it’s through friends, family, or professionals, can provide new perspectives and strategies to cope. You are not all alone. I believe that connections to others is the secret weapon for you to become your best you.

6. Embrace the Journey: Life’s valleys are as much a part of the journey as its peaks. Setback and hard times are often where the most profound growth occurs. Embrace the process, seek inspiration in every corner, and remember that change is just around the bend.

It is not uncommon for people to feel stuck or have self doubts along the way. In fact I think lots of people feel this way.  Some successful people we admire are a wreck in their own mental health, it is just not something they show others. Thus we need to get over feeling we are all alone in our struggles. It is part of being human.

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