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Being Disruptive, Distinctive and Disarming in Your Business

Being Disruptive, Distinctive and Disarming in Your Business

It’s that time of year – a time for reflection, resolutions, redirection, and for some, remorse. But what if you looked at it a different way?

So many people treat this time of year like it’s a start line of a new sprint. When it’s really just the continuation of the endurance race of life.

More importantly, if you’ve not thought about the new year before now, you’re already 18 months too late to the party!  A small business goes broke 18 months before a business owner typically notices it. If you are planning your year now, you’re already in trouble!

Take a longer-term view of your future, and get in front of the game with a new plan!

My top 3 tips for a better business start to the year.

  1. Work out what YOU want to be when you grow up and then make your business strategy fit that vision.  Your business will never work for you unless you unless it SERVES you. Writing a business plan and then making it fit your life will never give you a life! Create a personal VISION of your future.
  1. Be DISRUPTIVE, DISTINCTIVE and DISARMING with every strategy you create.  ‘Status quo’ won’t get you there – if you really want to make a mark – disrupt the industry you are in. Be distinctive to those you choose to serve, and always seek to disarm your competitors. 
  1. Do what you should be doing tomorrow, today. Start planning NEXT year, and what you should be doing this year will become much more apparent.


About Troy Hazard: I am the founder/owner of 12 businesses over the last 25 years, current CEO of Troy Hazard International, author of the book Future-Proofing Your Business, and the former Global President of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization. I have been a franchisee twice and a franchisor while consulting with over 300 brands in 6 countries. You can find me on Twitter @TroyHazard. You can book me to speak at your event by contacting us or calling 214-536-6666.