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Generate Or Tolerate

Generate Or Tolerate

Everything we do comes down to two choices.

We generate, or we tolerate.

We can generate a working business process, or we tolerate uneven results.

We can generate new leads, or we tolerate a “feast and famine” cycle.

We generate new clients, or we tolerate being held hostage by crazy people.

We can generate value for our network, or we tolerate it drifting away.

We can generate new content, or we tolerate our audience working with someone else.

We can generate momentum, or we tolerate being stagnant.

This is true in our lives, too:

We generate fitness or we tolerate obesity.

We generate self-control or we tolerate problems.

We generate good experiences with our partners or we tolerate an underachieving relationship.

We generate healthy thoughts or we tolerate insanity.

So Now What?

We tolerate our problems. We choose them.  Because we either don’t know how to generate the “equal and opposite” of them, or we are more or less OK with tolerating the effects.

Today, let’s think of this: what do we tolerate?

What will we have to generate to escape it?

How long will that take? What will we do”next?”

This is what we need to consider when we consider our work and transform our businesses into businesses we want.

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