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What AI Can’t Do

What AI Can’t Do
Everyone is talking about AI. Some people are incredibly excited about it while others have dread. I was kind of mixed about it until I realized all of the things that AI can’t do.
*AI cannot replace any of the things that make us unique, human or valuable to other people.
*AI is not creative. It is just compiling information that other people have already put out there.
*AI is not compassionate,. It cannot tell how you’re feeling and give you a hug to make you feel better. It can’t tell how your family member is feeling when they just want to be with you in the silence until they feel better.
*AI is not designed to create connection. It does not facilitate humans connecting with other humans in a way that they feel the physical emotional and spiritual energies that each human carries with them whereever they go.
As human beings we are designed to create a tribe. To surround ourselves with people who love, appreciate and acknowledge us for our strengths our weaknesses, our geniuses and our faults.

So with all of this “Artificial Intelligence”, I invite you to dig even deeper into your “Actual Human-ness”. Lean into your desire to be creative, to form teams, tribes, groups, families, friends, and organizations that lift each other up. AI can’t do that.

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