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Customer Service

Why All Business is Personal: Keys to Humanizing Business Success (Infographic)

In this week’s blog, I discussed about humanizing the experiences you deliver. For more information on the topic, please refer to the blog. Otherwise, this infographic visually summarizes the blog’s content. To learn more about our team, please visit josephmichelli.com. To speak to me about your CX journey, please go to josephmichelli.com/contact. The […]

Customer Service

Why All Business is Personal: Keys to Humanizing Business Success

A recurring theme throughout my career as an author, public speaker, and business consultant has been, “All business is personal.” Amidst the rush for revenue generation and product development, companies sometimes overlook the importance of fostering deep personal relationships with their employees and clientele. Here are four tips to drive […]

Customer Service

Guest Post: The Future of The Customer Experience: Understanding the Impact of Data Analytics on Your Customers

This week, we feature an article by Miika Makitalo, CEO of HappyOrNot, the company behind the Smiley Touch™ customer experience improvement solution and a leader in data analytics. He discusses how feedback and data analytics can make or break the customer experience. The customer experience has come a long way […]

Customer Service

Boost Business Success: Measuring & Rewarding Customer Engagement is a Game Changer (Infographic)

In this week’s blog, I discussed about the What,” “How,” and “Why of Customer Engagement. For more information on the topic, please refer to the blog. Otherwise, this infographic visually summarizes the blog’s content. To learn more about our team, please visit josephmichelli.com. To speak to me about your CX journey, please […]

Customer Service

Boost Business Success: Measuring & Rewarding Customer Engagement is a Game Changer

In today’s competitive and global business environment, customer experience is the great differentiator. Unfortunately, while many businesses claim to put customers first, few create raving fans. Let’s explore the role customer engagement (as opposed to customer satisfaction) plays in predicting and driving repeat business and referrals. The “What,” “How,” and “Why of […]


The Pitfalls of AI in the Legal World: ChatGPT and the Case of the Bogus Affidavit

Introduction: Artificial intelligence (AI) has been gaining popularity in various industries, promising increased productivity and efficiency. However, recent events surrounding a New York lawyer, Steven Schwartz, have highlighted the potential dangers of relying too heavily on AI tools in the legal profession. After discovering that he had used ChatGPT, a […]

Customer Service

Unforgettable Experiences: Poignant Lessons on Authentic Care (Infographic)

In this week’s blog, I discussed about designing and delivery differentiated customer experiences. For more information on the topic, please refer to the blog. Otherwise, this infographic visually summarizes the blog’s content. To learn more about our team, please visit josephmichelli.com. To speak to me about your CX journey, please go to josephmichelli.com/contact. The […]


3 Ways Pfizer Made Me a Better Speaker

Recently the amazing leaders of Pfizer Rare Disease invited me to share with 600 cross-functional professionals who are committed to bringing breakthroughs that change people’s lives. This is one of the most respected divisions within the 200-year-old company, whose core values of courage, demonstrating excellence, standing for equity, and experiencing […]


Why Do You Blog?

Click HERE to watch video. Why Do You Blog? This blog was born in June 2007. Since then, it has come out every single week without fail. Because the posts should be timely and relevant, they’re generally not written too far in advance. Unfortunately, that sometimes means scrambling to finish […]


Graceful Degradation.

Click HERE to watch video. Graceful Degradation. The late comedian Mitch Hedberg joked about how an escalator cannot break; it simply becomes stairs. In engineering, this evolution is called graceful degradation. Web developers constantly strive to create better, faster, and more accessible websites. Graceful degradation is essential here because it […]

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Include Remote Employees in Team Building Activities

How can we include remote employees in team building activities? There’s a lot of value in periodically bringing all of your employees together for a team building exercise. When done right, these team building activities can improve communication, foster cohesion, and bolster morale. Team building is harder than it used […]


Healthy Relationships to Be or Not to Be

Developing quality relationships is the second distinct condition you can cultivate to increase your AE (Absolutely Exceptional) factor. Quality Relationships. Relationships are the currency of your future, and the core theme and purpose of all social engagement is to create relationships. That is why www.facebook.com, www.twitter.com, and www.linkedin.com thrive—millions of […]


Don’t Make It Right for Customers

Southwest Airlines halted all their operations this past Tuesday morning, citing “intermittent technology issues.” By 1 PM/Eastern, 43% of the airline’s schedule was delayed. The airline released a statement saying that an issue with a “vendor-supplied” firewall (I’d hate to be that vendor) caused data connection problems within its operations […]


Dump the Plump

Pounding feet, dozens of sneakers, sweat, conversation, and a buzz in the air! This is what I witnessed while teaching a class at an insurance company. During lunchtime I saw men and women walk past me, and then a few minutes later I saw the same people walk right by […]

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Questions to Ask Your Transformational Leadership Expert

Leadership There are questions to ask your transformational leadership expert when you start the hiring process. When you hire a transformational leadership expert, or really any kind of business coach, it’s with the expectation that they can help you make some key changes to your life, your team, and your […]


Don’t Be Full of Shi*t

Welcome back to “Making Waves at C-Level”.  The podcast has been on hiatus for much of the last 6 months…but now we are back. As I often teach…. we have to try new things. Thus for a while, I am stepping away from interviews, and doing short episodes with ideas […]


Self-motivation Is Your Edge

Scientists experimented with laboratory rats to measure their motivation to live under different circumstances. They dropped a rat into a jar of water that had been placed in total darkness, and they timed how long the animal would continue swimming before it gave up and allowed itself to drown. It […]

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How to Recognize Your Employees Without Hurting Anyones Feelings

Employee recognition is one of the keys to keeping your team members motivated. The question becomes how to recognize your employees without hurting anyones feelings. When employees do good work, they want to feel their boss sees it and appreciates it; recognition, whether through words of affirmation or through bonuses […]


ChatGPT as Your Sales Coach

ChatGPT as Your Sales Coach is a real idea for sales professionals. I have written about how many in the speaking industry waste a lot of money on “coaches” to help them grow their speaking business, as most give basic advice. Well now AI can do that for free. Maybe […]


Hire a Speaker Coach? Yes or No?

Looking to hire a speaker coach? Speaker coaches have popped up everywhere.  Speaker coaching is a BIG BUSINESS. In this blog post I am referring to coaches and courses who promise to help you build a speaking business, not coaches who help you with your presentation skills.  These are two […]

Branding Sales

What AI Can’t Do

Everyone is talking about AI. Some people are incredibly excited about it while others have dread. I was kind of mixed about it until I realized all of the things that AI can’t do. *AI cannot replace any of the things that make us unique, human or valuable to other […]


No More Excuses – Own It

I was teaching a class on how to have a brilliant year and took the participants through an exercise to eliminate their Brilliance Blockers – you know, things that prevent you from doing your best. One of the questions I asked this eager-beaver group was, “What do you need to […]

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How To Handle Difficult Personalities At Work

Learning how to handle diffficult personalities at work is a key skill of any solutions oriented leader! Managing difficult personalities can be a draining experience, whether it’s in the workplace, within your social circles, or even within your own family. The key to dealing with these individuals is to first […]

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Why Companies Should Offer Employees A Self-Improvement Plan

There are many reasons why companies should offer employees a self-improvement plan because it can benefit both the employee and the company in many ways. With the 2022 great resignation its critical that companies find a way to attract and retain employees. When companies offer employees a self-improvement plan they […]

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How Entrepreneurs Use Self Improvement to Achieve Success!

If you want to know how entrepreneurs use self-improvement to achieve success just ask a serial entrepreneur like me! For the last thirty years I have studied the most successful people in the world. Entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates have one thing in common when it […]


Just do it already!!

Click HERE to watch video. Let’s just do it already. “What are we waiting for? Let’s just do it already.” I said. We were sitting in an agency creative meeting exactly 21 years ago and one of our art directors had just come up with a brilliant solution for our […]


Generate Or Tolerate

Everything we do comes down to two choices. Apologies to Morgan Freeman. We generate, or we tolerate. We can generate a working business process, or we tolerate uneven results. We can generate new leads, or we tolerate a “feast and famine” cycle. We generate new clients, or we tolerate being […]


Do You Even Scale, Bro?

How to grow a stable, unstoppable business with Stable Scaling! Scaling your business is a buzzword, right? We all want to scale. Let’s scale.  Let’s grow. Let’s all get bigger.    Let’s get swole.   Scale.  Up and to the right, man.   Woo hoo!  I got a bright future in sales, […]

Association News

Ed Rigsbee’s Raw & Unedited with Dr. Chris Gray: Live to Virtual Success

Dr. Chris Gray, CEO at Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society shares his organization’s journey in converting their planned live annual conference into a virtual experience. Of the many recommendations, the idea of a live command center during the virtual event really made the difference in quickly resolving challenges as they […]

Association News

Ed Rigsbee’s Raw & Unedited with Laura Farr: Create Warm Fuzzies & Family at Your Virtual Conference

Laura Farr, Executive Director American Association of Naturopathic Physicians 300 New Jersey Ave NW, Suite 900 Laura.Farr@naturopathic.org Tips to Share Key Markers 93% fewer expenses 79% less exhibitor income 55% higher registrations 7% higher registration income Structure: Usually a 3 day conference Modified to Day 1 started at 4:00 – 7:00 […]

Association News

Ed Rigsbee’s Raw & Unedited with Tom Papas (WSRCA): Going by the Book

Tom Papas, Executive Director Western States Roofing Contractors Association shares his perspective on following bylaws, leader fiduciary responsibility and quality governance. He suggests association executives rely on the law, common sense and empirical knowledge to stay on course. The post Ed Rigsbee’s Raw & Unedited with Tom Papas (WSRCA): Going […]