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The Sophomore Slump.

Click HERE to watch video. The Sophomore Slump. This month marks the 50th anniversary of Elton John’s second album, Honky Château. The record was John’s second release and his first number-one album. But even more impressively, it was followed by six more successive number-one releases. Today, Sir Elton is among […]


How to Sell to the CEO

Here are 16 tips for reaching the CEO and speaking their language.  CEO Facts 1. CEO’s don’t have budgets. They set them…and take them. Don’t ever think that there’s no money. There almost always is money, and they will spend it because they don’t have budgets.  2. CEO’s want strategic answers. They […]

Customer Service

Employees Aren’t Happy – Here are 5 Ways to Reverse the Trend (Infographic)

In this week’s blog, I discussed about driving employee engagement. For more information on the topic, please refer to the blog. Otherwise, this infographic visually summarizes the blog’s content. To learn more about our team, please visit josephmichelli.com. To speak to me about your CX journey, please go to josephmichelli.com/contact. The post Employees […]


Selling to B2B businesses.

Click HERE to watch video. Selling to B2B businesses. It’s always fascinating to me when people ask if I can create strategic messages for their business-to-business companies. They ask with the thought that while business-to-consumer (B2C) companies sell to emotional consumers, business-to-business (B2B) organizations sell to hard-nosed professionals and no-nonsense […]


Fraud on a Golf Course

Some fraudsters are hidden from view, almost in the shadows of their companies. Others are in-your-face, almost daring to be caught. As a business ethics keynote speaker, business ethics consultant and book author, I have seen the extremes and all stops in-between. However, in the world of fraud, I must […]


Six Areas Where You Can Create the Ultimate Customer Experience®

The Ultimate Customer Experience® is the cornerstone of any distinctive business. In today’s highly competitive market, delivering this extraordinary level of customer experience has become a necessity rather than a luxury. While most businesses focus on traditional customer service techniques, here are a few unique approaches that could help differentiate […]


Top 23 Books to Spark Your Life

Anyone who knows me — or, thanks to my wife, has seen my color-coordinated personal library via Zoom — knows that I love books. I like the ability to download books from Kindle and Apple’s iBookstore. However, I’m old school and love hardcover books with carefully designed book covers. Reading […]

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Why Companies Should Offer Employees A Self-Improvement Plan

There are many reasons why companies should offer employees a self-improvement plan because it can benefit both the employee and the company in many ways. With the 2022 great resignation its critical that companies find a way to attract and retain employees. When companies offer employees a self-improvement plan they […]

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How Entrepreneurs Use Self Improvement to Achieve Success!

If you want to know how entrepreneurs use self-improvement to achieve success just ask a serial entrepreneur like me! For the last thirty years I have studied the most successful people in the world. Entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates have one thing in common when it […]


Networking Your Way Out Of A Recession

As we enter a recession, it is natural to feel concerned about job security and career progression. However, there are steps you can take to strengthen your position and potentially advance your career even in a challenging economic climate. One important strategy is to focus on networking. YES – NETWORKING […]


The Future of Search with Madhu Basu

This episode is co-produced with the Austin Technology Council. ATC is a 30 year old association focused on promoting and facilitating growth of technology companies in Central Texas. Over the past three decades the business ecosystem in Austin has changed, and ATC is actively changing, too. Learn more at https://AustinTechnologyCouncil.org. Today […]


Employee Retention via Human Connections

Employee retention is one of the hottest topics in business as we move into 2023.  There are many conversations about the “Great Resignation” (which has continued for two years) and “Quiet Quitting” and how this is impacting companies. People keep leaving, and finding talent is more difficult than ever. According […]

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How Transformational Leaders Deliver Employee Feedback

Do you want to know how transformational leaders deliver employee feedback? You should because it leads to an increase in workplace engagement and creates happy work environment. Here’s a simple truth about human nature: We all like to be praised when we do something well. Very few of us enjoy […]


Just do it already!!

Click HERE to watch video. Let’s just do it already. “What are we waiting for? Let’s just do it already.” I said. We were sitting in an agency creative meeting exactly 21 years ago and one of our art directors had just come up with a brilliant solution for our […]

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Organizational Culture and Why We Need It

Organizational Culture and why we need it is a question I get asked often as an executive coach. Let’s examine why it’s so important and how it benefits your employees and your customers. The definition of organizational culture is best summarized this way. It is the combination of beliefs, assumptions, […]

Articles Change Management Communication Skills Development General Human Resources Leadership Management Skills Team Building

Maintaining Employee Experience When Leadership Changes

by Dr. Rick Goodman on May 23, 2022 Maintaining  employee experience when leadership changes is a focus of human resources professionals around the world. Where does employee experience come from? That’s a more complicated question than you might think. My personal belief is that it emanates largely from the people […]

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The Five Areas to Set Goals to Attain Balance in Your Life

by Dr. Rick Goodman on April 19, 2022 Hi this is Dr. Rick Goodman the Team Building expert and author of the book Living a Championship Life “A Game Plan for Success” with your next episode of the Championship Challenge.  Last time we covered the S.M.A.R.T formula of goal setting […]


Generate Or Tolerate

Everything we do comes down to two choices. Apologies to Morgan Freeman. We generate, or we tolerate. We can generate a working business process, or we tolerate uneven results. We can generate new leads, or we tolerate a “feast and famine” cycle. We generate new clients, or we tolerate being […]


Do You Even Scale, Bro?

How to grow a stable, unstoppable business with Stable Scaling! Scaling your business is a buzzword, right? We all want to scale. Let’s scale.  Let’s grow. Let’s all get bigger.    Let’s get swole.   Scale.  Up and to the right, man.   Woo hoo!  I got a bright future in sales, […]