Cherishing the Past and Creating Your Future

6 Lessons for My 25-Year-Old Self

Lately, I have been observing and admiring the next generation of leaders and often find myself thinking of who I was at that age. While that time in my life was fun, exhilarating, and filled with so many wonderful memories, I cringe at all the things I did not know at 25.

I have been grateful to experience 10 jobs and six companies within the past 30 years. As a 25-year-old, I was too proud and headstrong to listen to advice, even though there were a lot of learning moments to be had. As I sit back and admire these young professionals, inspired by their willingness to learn, I want to share six valuable insights that I wish my 25-year-old self would’ve listened to:

1. Chase Significance, Not Just Success. In the pursuit of success, it is easy to become fixated on achieving accomplishments, rather than creating a deeper understanding of our actions. When you shift your mindset to focusing on significance, you will be driven by a constant push to serve all, love everyone, and never take anyone for granted. Pursuing significance will deliver much more fulfillment and, in the end, success will follow.

2. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone. If you are looking to stand out in the crowd, I offer you the advice to seek out stretch assignments. By stepping out of your comfort zone, you will grow as a person and a professional, and you will show others in your field you are confident and capable of so many brilliant things.

3. Make Something Happen. Have you ever known someone who sits back, goes with the flow, and doesn’t stand for what they believe in who makes a difference? Now is the time to speak up so life doesn’t happen to you but for you.

4. Men, Get Over It. Men, I would like for you to answer this one question. Would you rather enjoy a great relationship with a woman who makes more than you, or would you rather let your fragile ego get in the way of something incredible? Don’t let something that doesn’t matter keep you from fulfilling your potential.

5. Everything You Do Tells a Story. It is important to protect yourself, your brand, and others. Everything you post, create, or send tells a story about you. Always look for ways to create unforgettable, positive moments for others. It’ll make you feel good, and others feel good, which is the most important thing.

6. Expand Your Mind. We often find ourselves letting our thoughts control our every day. When you let your thoughts win, they have a strong influence over your self-image. Adjust. Think positively. Create daily practices of thinking about yourself and the positive difference you will make in the world. Write your affirmations daily, as this will prove to you the brilliant person you are.

Success comes from your brilliant self. Everyone has brilliance within them, which is why I created two growth experiences to help individuals and organizations unlock their full potential: BrilliantU™ and Brilliant Coaching.™ Read along for more information on how your 25-year-old self would benefit from these programs.

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