My 12 Life-Changing Words

Have you ever experienced a struggle in your career or personal life? What about feeling like you didn’t fit in, or people didn’t like you?

That was me many years ago when I first entered the workforce. I constantly felt like I didn’t belong and people didn’t like me. I was trapped in a space of self-doubt, believed I lacked value, and longed for an environment where I fit in and everything made sense.

And then one day, it began to make sense. My mentor, Dr. Mark Chironna, said something to me that changed the direction of my career and mindset.

“You weren’t born to fit in,” he said. “You were born to be brilliant.”

Up until this moment, I doubted my brilliance. In full transparency, I didn’t believe I was brilliant or even had the potential to be. But the moment Dr. Chironna said those 12 life-changing words, I believed I had the potential to be brilliant. He shared those 12 words with such certainty and conviction that it was hard to not believe him.

“What if,” I thought, “there really is brilliance inside me? What if there is brilliance inside every one of us just waiting to emerge?”

So, I started writing.

In Release Your Brilliance, I shared the truth he revealed: We are born brilliant, yet many of us spend our lives keeping it buried. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We can reclaim our brilliance and shine in every aspect of life.

The message Dr. Chironna shared with me that day sparked the pathway for the rest of my life: Helping others understand they are brilliant and the importance of embracing it. When you read Release Your Brilliance, your relationship with your work will transform. You will invest in environments that activate your brilliance, and you will realize that mental wellness + employee experience = customer loyalty and customer love.

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