The Road to Ignite the Power of Women in Your Life

In my early years, I must admit, I was a man who was emotionally clueless about the relationships of women in my life. From my mother to my wife to my daughter, I found myself stumbling and often standing in my own way. It wasn’t that I didn’t care, but I found that I needed to begin to better understand the power of women in my life.

As I discovered the power of women, I became a better human being. I recognized what I was lacking to better serve them.

That realization was what sparked me to write Ignite the Power of Women in Your Life: A Guide for Men.

I want to share with you a few concepts I found during the discovery, which I discuss in my book:

💔 Half a man and half a woman don’t make a whole relationship.
To create a whole, healthy relationship, both partners need to bring their complete selves. A man and woman each have unique strengths, vulnerabilities, and qualities, and those things are what made your partner fall in love with you. Not half of those, all of those.

👏 The value of therapy and recognizing that whatever you don’t deal with will deal with you.
Therapy provides a safe space to explore and address unresolved issues and traumas. Ignoring these concerns can lead to emotional struggles, negatively affecting your relationship and well-being.

🤝 Building emotional honesty leads to trust.
Emotional honesty about feelings, thoughts, and experiences creates a foundation of trust in a relationship. Sharing your emotional honesty with your partner creates a feeling of safety and vulnerability, developing deeper connections with one another.

📸 Don’t fall into the trap of social media.
One of the traps of social media is that it can help us avoid showing up as our authentic selves in relationships. This environment can create idealized versions of oneself, leading to the fear of not being enough. This can affect your relationship and connection, so always make sure to be genuine.

🗣 Speaking words of affirmation can be a wonderful gift.
Genuine and heartfelt words of affirmation have the power to strengthen a relationship and ultimately make your partner feel good. Never be afraid or shy away from expressing your appreciation and love, or sharing encouragement.

Now is the time to focus on how to ignite the power of women, and how to ignite the power of your relationships. I believe in you O’Brilliant One.

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