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Include Remote Employees in Team Building Activities

How can we include remote employees in team building activities? There’s a lot of value in periodically bringing all of your employees together for a team building exercise. When done right, these team building activities can improve communication, foster cohesion, and bolster morale. Team building is harder than it used […]

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Questions to Ask Your Transformational Leadership Expert

Leadership There are questions to ask your transformational leadership expert when you start the hiring process. When you hire a transformational leadership expert, or really any kind of business coach, it’s with the expectation that they can help you make some key changes to your life, your team, and your […]

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How to Recognize Your Employees Without Hurting Anyones Feelings

Employee recognition is one of the keys to keeping your team members motivated. The question becomes how to recognize your employees without hurting anyones feelings. When employees do good work, they want to feel their boss sees it and appreciates it; recognition, whether through words of affirmation or through bonuses […]

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How To Handle Difficult Personalities At Work

Learning how to handle diffficult personalities at work is a key skill of any solutions oriented leader! Managing difficult personalities can be a draining experience, whether it’s in the workplace, within your social circles, or even within your own family. The key to dealing with these individuals is to first […]

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Why Companies Should Offer Employees A Self-Improvement Plan

There are many reasons why companies should offer employees a self-improvement plan because it can benefit both the employee and the company in many ways. With the 2022 great resignation its critical that companies find a way to attract and retain employees. When companies offer employees a self-improvement plan they […]

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How Entrepreneurs Use Self Improvement to Achieve Success!

If you want to know how entrepreneurs use self-improvement to achieve success just ask a serial entrepreneur like me! For the last thirty years I have studied the most successful people in the world. Entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates have one thing in common when it […]